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Mizrahi Torah Academy is proud to launch its second annual “Thanks for Giving” campaign, celebrating our nearly 60% growth since last year! We invite you to participate in our success, and be a valued member of our MTA family.

How does MTA Give to its Students?

Our small class sizes translate into more in-class learning, personalized attention and mastery-based learning. Supplementing MTA’s strong academic program are weekly Middos (character development) workshops, Gedolim classes to learn from our great sages, and other practical life skill courses. MTA is about giving every student the education they deserve.

How do the Students Give to the Community?

While our core principle is helping every child maximize their potential with their unique strengths, one of MTA's hallmarks is giving back to the community. Our inter-generational program, chesed projects, community leader appreciation program, and our MTA boys choir are just a few examples of where the students learn to be "givers." Learn more at www.mtacademy.org.

Now is YOUR opportunity to say "Thanks" to MTA for "Giving" to our Students and Community!

Mizrahi Torah Academy needs you to give so we can keep on giving. Generous donors have provided $150,000 in funding to be matched by your donations. Every donation will be matched 1 to 1, giving MTA the maximum opportunity for growth!

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